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We serve as the most trusted recruitment firm in the country.

Crox RPO services is among the fastest-growing RPO companies in India that is engaged in providing services all across the USA. It is applauded for the result-oriented services to its global clientele. The diverse sectors where the Crox RPO excels in providing RPO services are IT recruitment,RPO payroll Recruitment support, IT staff augmentation, On-demand services, bench-marketing, and 24/7 sourcing, etc.

At The Crox RPO services in India, we aim at delighting our clients by ensuring reliable services. Backed with specialized recruitment support, we cater to your hiring demands in IT Recruitment, VMS Recruitment, Permanent/Full-time staffing, Corp to Corp/W2 Recruitment, etc. Our expertise lies in IT staff augmentation & IT recruitment services. Our professional acumen, innovation, and strategic approach enable us to deliver quality results and make us stand out from other establishments. Making us one of the best RPO service in USA. Partnering with us will help you expand your team with reduced cost. Our recruitment specialists take up the hiring responsibility on your behalf and assist you to achieve the organizational goals.

  • We satisfy our customers by guaranteeing reliable delivery services.
  • We can help you with IT Recruitment.
  • IT staff augmentation & recruitment is our main service domain
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Our core mission is to deliver you the right professionals at less cost, which eases you off and lets you stay focused on your company goals. It will enable us to become the most trusted brand in the offshore recruitment process outsourcing industry.
Once we acknowledge a contract then we take up the entire responsibility for every promise made in the agreement. We always ensure the integrity and keep up the words with total transparency.

We’re trusted by more than 150+ clients.

There are many reasons why we are trusted among our reputed clients. We have been able to garner a great association with them due to the following factors:

Industries we serve.

Why do You Need a Recruitment Partner?

A reputed recruitment agency in the USA can help you hire the right people faster. It saves your time as well as expenses. As a hiring partner, it takes care of the lengthy hiring process which may consume a lot of your time. By using an agency, you can save your employees’ time.

Second, these agencies have professionals who hire for a living. Hence, they probably have an extensive database of candidates in their talent pool who are more likely to fit in the open job positions you are offering. It can significantly cut shore the entire cycle of recruiting.

Another reason to join hands with a recruitment agency is very important if you wish to improve the quality of hire. The main benefit is that they have people specialized in certain industries and that is why they can help you find the right talent.

Sometimes, start-ups and small companies lack in having an in-house recruiter. It is when a recruitment agency in the USA can help you keep your professional appearance. They use their expertise and resources and let you access the best candidates. By using their services, you can hire professionals because experts do it for you.

Therefore, it is important to choose a reputed recruitment agency marketing that can help you hire and retain the right individuals while saving time and money.

Recruitment Partner

The Role of RPO in Upscaling Your Business.

RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing comes as an external solution that is known to provide expert assistance in sourcing the candidate. Besides hiring, it also helps with several key talent acquisition functions like recruitment agency engineering. In today’s modern times, the rapidly growing companies often lack the talent acquisition resources that are required to service their fast-moving growth. An RPO solution enables organizations to scale up their hiring operations, quickly as well as seamlessly.

If you want to upscale to your organization’s success, it is important to select the recruitment process outsourcing. A top recruitment agency like Crox RPO can help you use your expertise to ensure the company’s success. The core principles of RPO seem companies moving all or part of their recruitment to an expert who can enhance the hiring process. It can also help in building long-term beneficiaries rather than simply filling in the positions.

Many companies believe that manager-led hiring is similar to an RPO company but it is the other way round. They think that it is cost-effective while taking help of a recruitment agency USA can increase their expenses. Though, we cannot ignore the fact that if a manager would focus on the core activities they are hired for, the company will attract a high-profit margin. A reputed RPO Company like Crox RPO can focus on your staffing needs and provide you with professional RPO services in India.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing services bring along several advantages for companies. They already have a talent pool that comes in handy at the time of urgent hiring needs. In today’s competitive world, every recruitment agency requires to adapt to the changes and work towards the growth of the company.

Crox RPO brings you a type of RPO solution that is meant to cater to your outsourcing needs. With us, you can easily hire on a project basis and trust our hiring capabilities.


Why Crox RPO?

Engaging CROX RPO as your partner can benefit you in multiple ways. It can solve a wide array of talent hiring challenges that your company may face. Right from sourcing to scheduling interviews and from employee onboarding to branding support, we are right there for you. We do not overtake part of your company’s core role rather we add strength and overcome challenges on your behalf. With our RPO services in the USA, you can get essential support and shift the crucial hiring process responsibilities towards us. We let you spare more time to focus on your company’s strategic goals.

Here are few wide-ranging benefits that you can avail of our RPO solutions.

As a recruitment agency in USA, Crox RPO can help significantly to deliver Insights by combining standardized procedures along with technology solutions and using in-house analytics. These insights can understand the current recruitment needs and shape the talent strategy while enhancing the entire talent process.

Often, hiring procedures occur in different segments of a company which can lead to poor communication and process disparity. The talent expertise of Crox RPO can help your company to standardize procedures and enhance sourcing methods and thus enabling a company to gain insight into the talent pool.

Using our recruitment agency also provides your company with the flexibility to respond to ever-changing market demands. Our expertise and resources mean your business can grow the workforce faster. Similarly, if your talent requirements decrease, you get the flexibility to scale back with the least impact on the internal talent teams.

With recruitment agency engineering, you get favor when it comes to decreased cost while compared to agencies as well as in-house hiring programs. By making the most of a seasoned panel of suppliers and implementing modern techniques in employee management and retention, we can assist you to decrease the hiring cost and increase the hiring value.

Words from the CEO.

“Presenting you the dynamic recruitment solutions, we help companies hire the best talent. Our RPO services in USA are implemented by professionals with in-depth expertise who are backed by effective methodologies and the latest technologies. Our flexible approach to tech RPO has assisted us to grow faster and establish ourselves as a trusted hiring partner.

As a reputed recruitment agency, we take pride in our integrated approach and dare to think out-of-the-box. Therefore, we have been known for having the idea to support one another and share our passion to help companies witness tremendous growth.

When it comes to our ethos, we do not act as a traditional RPO firm rather we think differently while providing RPO services in India. We combine data-rich insights with digital marketing to bring out the desired outcomes. Our creative thinking along with direct sourcing helps maintain multi-dimensional client relationships in an effective manner. It is always a fact that any conversation involving different people bring new perspectives and we work together to reach the ultimate goal of hiring. Recruiting the best talent is the measurable goal we all take part in.

At our recruitment agency, our team comprises people who are just not professionals rather they are industry experts. We have worked with start-ups and small companies and witnessed their growth. Our professionals are passionate about finding talented people to assist entrepreneurs to visualize and realize their visions because we are there to solve tech talent attraction issues for companies of all sizes.

Our objective is to make the recruitment services that you are outsourcing feel as you have in-house your team. As a recruitment agency marketing, we are passionate about hiring and ensure that companies have a great candidate experience.”

CEO - Imran K.

Skills we have recruited and counting.

We have been successful in placing many consultants for our clients. Below are few of many examples.

01Financial Analyst
04Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable
05Claims Examiner
06Loan operations data & coding specialist
07Market risk/valuation analyst
08Transportation Engineer
09Tooling Engineer
10Analysis Engineer
11Nurse Practitioner
12Physician Assistant
13Medical Records Technician
14Licensed Practical Nurse
15Pharmacist Technician
16Java Developer
17Python Developer
18.Net Developer
19Salesforce Devloper
20Information security Engineer
21Software Quality Assurance Engineer
22Production Supervisor
23Maintenance Supervisor
24Manufacturing Team Leader
26Sales Assistant
27Brand Representative
28Retail Sales Associate
29Store Manager
30Operations Assistant Manager
31Department Manager