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Teamwork paves the productivity and Virtual Assistants are the best companions to unlock it!!

Virtual Assistant companies are the ones that provide you with resources both on-site and remote that handle all your non crore on your behalf. Our best Virtual Assistant Services can help you to save a lot of money by providing highly skilled virtual assistants that can handle your social media management, administrative work, data entry, research, and much more. Our virtual assistants are well-experienced and can handle multiple tasks at once. With virtual assistant services, you can delegate all your micro tasks and focus on your core business competencies.

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Who are Virtual Assistants?

An Online Virtual Assistant is an individual who can take care of all your administrative tasks and help to focus on priority business tasks, easing your workload. This can be a professional who can work from home or anywhere, they just need a working setup consisting of a system with an active internet connection and landline services.

They are well-skilled, organized, and quite efficient workers and are often college graduates with relevant qualifications and working experience. The average salary of a General virtual assistant is around $54,000 a year.

How Do Virtual Assistants Work?

The working of accounting virtual assistant is quite similar to all administrative. Amidst this pandemic, the time has gone wherein you required assistants to work from the office. And once you hire a virtual assistant, you don’t have to pay for all the necessary leaves and there is no need to provide all the other benefits. 

Based on their perspective, executive assistants can work either from home or in a co-working space.

All they actually require is access to email; company drives and CRM they can handle your administrative tasks even across worldwide. In recent years, virtual assistants have made their way into mainstream business, and with the emergence of VOIP Services like Skype and Zoom, it is now possible to have assistants who can answer all your important calls.

Now trust is not an issue at all while working with virtual assistant company. For instance, CROX RPO is required to sign an NDA before being assigned to any particular client, you can assure your data is safe with your virtual assistant.

What are the benefits of hiring virtual assistants from CROX RPO?

Here are some underrated benefits of hiring a virtual assistant from CROX RPO:

Reduce Operating costs
We can provide inexpensive yet cost-effective services to your business enabling you to lower your operational cost. You can avail of virtual assistance services on a freelance basis or full-time basis.

Save Time on projects and initiatives

Many of the tasks that our expert virtual assistants take care of are of repetitive nature such as taking important notes and submitting weekly or monthly reports. These tasks hinder your time for other prioritized work. When leaders or CEOs delegate time-consuming tasks to VAs, they can focus on the work on their agenda.

Improved Better Efficiency

Leaders are not the only ones that can be benefitted from our Virtual Assistants but other team members can extract time from their skillset. For instance, social media managers can assign their writing, research, and design to Virtual Assistants allowing them to focus on editing and delivery.

Virtual Assistant Companies

Working with the best virtual assistant companies is one of the quickest, most efficient ways to reach out to virtual assistants. Companies like CROX RPO offer easy access to a variety of skilled assistants helping to ease your workload. VA agencies also provide additional resources, training, and coaching for these freelancers so that they would be well prepared for the interview and get them hired whenever a client’s requirements arise.

How to Manage a Virtual Assistant from CROX RPO?

Set Expectations right from the beginning

Always begin with the scope of the project and the responsibilities that you expect from the virtual assistant to be taken care of. How much time the project will take? What is considered in-scope and what is the end goal of the same? These are some questions that you ask yourself because it is quite obvious that these questions will be asked once your VA will get hired. This is the reason why it is important to provide clear and crisp guidelines such as the Scope of work, this prevents any confusion and enhances the likelihood of success.

Define a daily schedule

Once you have got all the paperwork down are signed, the next step is to define a consistent schedule or work or check-in. Because virtual assistants are far most the most affordable than full hires. But without a budget, you can easily spend more than what you have actually anticipated. Setting up a project for VA creates how much time the project takes, accordingly, how would be the cost of the project would be. Be as upfront as possible about your budget and you can avoid potential fallouts and disputes regarding compensation.

Track Time and Tasks

Accountability should be at the top of your priority list when it comes to remote work. Nothing stops a virtual assistant from claiming to have worked on something when they haven’t or spending hours on a project that was not even tracked properly. While self-tracking is important to keep your project at a very fast pace. You can use project management tools such as Asna or Basecamp to evaluate the overall progress and efficiency of your virtual assistants.

Provide constructive feedback

To truly support and encourage your virtual assistants, provide them with weekly reports: this can be simple as quick just direct conversation, but it is most important to address the greatest strengths and opportunities for involvement. Your virtual assistant will appreciate this gesture through their efforts.

Final Words

Virtual assistants are more than just remote workers. They can be the backbone of your business even if you work on your core business competencies. Their work may not impact your work directly. Still, their presence can be felt by everyone on your team, especially when they are taking off your repetitive tasks such as (Such as social media and entry) to other major priority work. Provide them with clear goals and guidelines and virtual assistants can genuinely transform how your company operates.

Looking for virtual assistants? CROX RPO is here to help you out with the finest pool of VAs meeting all your requirements and expectations. Ping our experts to take the conversation ahead.