• November 24, 2022

Whether you believe it or not, talent acquisition still remains a challenge for an enterprise or organization. But to compete with large companies, you require top talent to drive your business in the right direction. However, there are some unique challenges that every business faces when growing, and how utilising dependable RPO service can help elevate the organization's overall growth.

1. Competing priorities in other areas of business

Talent acquisition is not just one area that requires your attention or is underfunded. Marketing and sales require tools and technologies to win customers. Operations and finance require a way to streamline their processes and save money. Every department has a different need that should be given attention in order to achieve business goals.

And with a limited budget, every problem cannot be solved at once. Unfortunately, human resources is one department that is frequently overlooked. According to a recent study, 57% of HR leaders said that limited resources kept them from investing in new technology. Around 53% are currently struggling to make the business case for change, and a lack of vision and proper planning is preventing that superior change that is much needed.

To overcome this, an RPO partner can assist you in capturing the right metrics and comparing them to the right benchmarks. A solid combination of data and technology can help you achieve organizational goals quite easily.

2. Unpredictable Culture

One of the major challenges that most organisations face is how their work culture changes as they scale up. Your culture takes on a life of its own during the rapid growth stage, especially when it comes to acquiring some other companies or planning to open new offices in new geographical areas.

While speaking about it, this doesn’t seem like a talent acquisition problem, and changing work culture is not that bad, but it is highly reflected in the performance of your top employees. And, with changing trends, are employees more concerned about where they work today? According to a recent study, it was found that more than half of the employees are willing to take a job at a competitor's place if they get a better work culture than their previous employer. In fact, 45% of employees prefer working 60 hours a week in exchange for a better culture.

This is typically true in big firms, as they understand the importance of work culture, how to leverage its power, and how to attract the top candidates. However, how can a small, growing company compete in this? An RPO partner, however, cannot change your work culture, but they can make sure that employees value yours and that you are portraying it authentically throughout the hiring process. It is a small step, but it has its own importance.

3. Talent acquisition is a moving budget

Well, frankly speaking, there is not a single problem that talent acquisition can solve. Filling each role is completely unique based on geography, talent, skills, and positions. There is no magic tool that will help overcome the challenges.
Other grey areas will emerge if you do not focus on growing your business. Talent requirements often change overnight, and processes are used to find talent that isn’t as defined or as mandatory in large organizations.

In addition to the internal challenges, there are many others. For example, the labour market is receiving mixed reviews and reactions from both employees and human resource leaders.

While every talent acquisition strategy should be flexible, especially for growing firms or start-ups, An RPO partner can help control the changing trends and flows by offering next-generation tools and technological and result-oriented strategies to find the best-suited talent as per your requirements or needs. Don’t forget to check out other blogs related to RPO services by Crox RPO, one of the leading RPO companies in the USA.

Wrapping it up

And with that said, according to Everest Group Research, the RPO service and RPO market are one of the fastest-growing outsourcing segments, with 20% growth in 2018 and double-digit growth for four years in a row and counting. The firm attributes part of this growth to RPO adoption at small and mid-market companies as providers expand their service offerings to meet unique challenges.

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