• June 14, 2023

Running a business all alone can be a really hectic task it requires a lot which is why there is a need for Virtual Assistant Recruiters. 

From admin work to fixing all the technical issues in your marketing strategy, there is plenty of work to do. This is where a need for virtual assistant recruitment agencies comes into play. 

So why not hire Virtual Assistant Recruiters that can help you find a reliable virtual assistant that can be your right and allows to you focus on tasks that matter to you and your business?

A great Virtual assistant can help you deal with many tasks such as:

  • Crafting drafts for your new blogs 
  • Creating social media and maintaining your social media accounts
  • Uploading videos to your YouTube Channel 
  • Formatting content (Looking for relevant images, videos, adding links, etc)
  • Getting in teaching with others on behalf of you (Outreach, Gmail)
  • Link Building and SEO


But finding the right virtual assistant for the job is not as easy a task as it seems. However, with the help of experienced virtual assistant recruiters, you can land to desired one.

Here are some tips to hire a virtual assistant for beginners

1. Carefully access your budget and requirements- If you focus on your day-to-day tasks then you would be able to better and clear picture. You might think that your business is way too small and you would not be able to afford a virtual assistant. Well, that fear is quite understandable, in most cases this is not true. If you are running a small business, then the truth is you would not hire a VA when you can get one at $4-$7 per hour.

Firstly, decide how many hours you require VA and how much you can afford. You can get many tasks done even if you have $300-$600 per month to invest. It doesn’t matter whether you want to focus on a project or simply just wish to spend more time with your family and loved ones. The math is not difficult simply if your time is worth more than $20 per hour then you can hire a virtual assistant.

2. Create a list of tasks you want to delegate- When you delegate some time-consuming or repetitive tasks then you have more time for tasks that requires attention. Virtual assistants can help to complete multiple tasks depending on the arrangement and planning made by you. If you would be able to find the right candidate then you get rid of all the tasks that you feel were too time-consuming or boring.

Skills that every Virtual Assistant Recruiter should look at before finalizing any VA.

3. Administrative Tasks- Checking and responding to all the important emails, and blog comments, moderating posts, and helping you in organizing important meetings and events. Keeping track of all the meetings and future potential collaborations.

  • Technical maintenance- Make backups of your database and keep your tech updated and according to the latest trends
  • Social Media Accounts- Scheduling content, running media ad campaigns, creating relevant content, and interacting with your audience.
  • Content Planning and Creation- Keyword research, online research for the blogs, finding relevant images, writing descriptions, and similar non-specialized content creation tasks
  • Marketing campaign maintenance- This includes sending out promotional emails, tracking your analytics, keeping in touch with the affiliate programs, and much more. 

4.  Decide what kind of Virtual Assistant you Require- You will find the right person if you don’t know what you are looking for. Before you begin your research, you need to figure out what exactly you require from the virtual assistant.

Here is a handy list of questions that you must ask before making the final decision. 

  • What are the exact tasks you need your VA to do?
  • Identify whether you want him/her in the office and do you want them occasionally.
  • What is your budget and preferable mode of payment?
  • Do you a native English speaker or bilingual or a non-native English speaker to complete the tasks
  • What kind of skills do they need to have beforehand and how can you train them?


These questions will provide a clear picture of the virtual assistant requirement. Know what exactly you need and what you shall receive.

How much does a VA cost?

Of course, there is no single answer to this question. You may find virtual assistant recruiters from foreign countries as little as $3 per hour for a seasoned virtual assistant with a long history of assignments charging $50 for everything in between. In fact, your VA may not charge hourly (that’s a preferable mode of payment though). Depending on how much work you can offer to them, you make a deal to pay your VA a fixed salary monthly or charge per project or task separately.

But if you are looking for virtual assistants for beginners then expect to pay around $7-$20 per hour depending on the skill level and geographical location of the candidate.

Where do you find great VA Candidates?

You can find plenty of candidates both online and offline. If you need VA to work with you locally, you might want to first and foremost rely on word-of-mouth marketing and recommendations by your friends and colleagues. But if that method doesn’t help you then you can post your requirements on your social media accounts and get a number of applications for the same. If this doesn’t help you then here are two things that would be helpful for you surely:

Freelance Marketplaces

There are a number of marketplaces where you can virtual assistant recruiter or virtual assistant, the marketplaces like Upwork, fiver, and freelancer. You just need to post your requirement and you would get a number of applications for the same.

Virtual Assistant Service

If everything fails, you can simply outsource your virtual assistant requirement to virtual assistant recruitment agencies like CROX RPO. We are here to help you out with the best possible resources matching your requirements and budget too.

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Final Words

These are some helpful and pro tips to hire virtual assistants for beginners. And just in case nothing works for you make sure you have prepared a list of all the potential candidates.

And if you are looking for the assistance of industry leaders for virtual assistant hiring then we at CROX RPO are always here to help you out. Just ping us and let our experts handle the rest for you from there.

See you on the other side!!!