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RPO services – What & why

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a workforce solution which allows organizations to transfer all their permanent recruitment needs to an external provider. An RPO provider manages recruitment within the business or has a team of outsourced recruiters onsite. They set up a talent acquisition team, the required technologies and recruitment processes to help the business acquire the best talent in the market.
Crox RPO is a rapidly growing company that provides unparalleled RPO service offerings to organizations looking for employment services. You are at the right place if you are an organization looking for the right talent for specific projects, and professional recruitment services.

We blend our vast industry experience with expertise in staff servicing solutions to fulfil your recruitment needs. We match a candidate's skill sets with your company's specific recruitment needs to evaluate the potential candidates and find the right ones in the most effective way possible.

Crox RPO takes complete ownership of an organization’s professional HR service needs helping them save time and money. Get the right candidates to work collectively toward your organization's goals. Our rich experience and sound knowledge power our robust offshore recruiting solutions.

Advantages of RPO

Experience the leverage you never had before

Better quality talent – RPO saves your time and energy, and gives you the expertise to sourcing, screening, and onboarding not just new but the best talent. Acquire the best permanent hires even in notoriously difficult markets.

Cost efficiency – RPO providers understand that a vacancy that lasts for long leads to decreased productivity, wastage of efforts, and increased costs. Fulfil the permanent roles faster and retain the best talent in a more cost-effective manner than traditional recruitment methods.

Global compliance – Staying on top of the dynamic industry regulations can be challenging. Although it is not an appealing benefit of RPO, but it’s critical. An RPO company ensures that you don’t get your fingers burnt while hiring candidates for your enterprise needs from different geographies.

Lower talent acquisition costs – Finding the right talent is a tedious task. It can be extremely time-consuming and expensive even with a highly skilled talent acquisition staff. An RPO solution can be cost-effective for businesses, by lowering their talent acquisition spends.

Better candidate engagement – Getting the right candidate recruitment experience is not easy as it sounds. It could take the HR’s attention away from their primary objectives. RPO companies give you the in-house expertise to increase a candidate’s interview and onboarding experience. This increases your chances to attract top talents and increases a business’ ability to multiply its market share.

More strategic insights – Data science forms the foundational stone of every strategic decision. Most businesses are aware of the benefits it offers but lack the technical expertise to pull actionable insights from data. An RPO provider analyses a business’ historical performance and industry prevalent data foresee a company’s future talent needs.

Expert employer branding – 72% leaders worldwide agree that a great employer brand is the key to attract the best talent. Although it is critical, most businesses do not have the inhouse expertise to create an appealing employer value proposition. RPO providers with their team of EVP creators and brand strategists help businesses effectively portray their value to the relevant candidates.

Typical RPO services offered across the industry

  1. End-to-end RPO – An end-to-end RPO solution can be used in a single business unit, a local market or by a global enterprise. It encompasses all permanent hiring services including formulation of strategies and technology investments. It offers the biggest cost-savings and greater efficiency. Experience greater value adds such as employer branding and better-quality hires over the long run with end-to-end RPO services.
  2. Project RPO – Project-based RPO service can be used during unexpected staffing needs. It can be quickly deployed on a single project basis for example, hiring a digital transformation team. Upon completion of the contract, a business can go back to their in-house teams for further recruitments.
  3. On-demand RPO – Like project RPO, on-demand RPO involves the recruitment of teams for a shorter period. With on-demand RPO service, a business can rapidly attract and hire the talent they need during a spike in hiring.

Selecting the right RPO solution – Invest in the best

With a multitude of options available in the market, it is difficult to evaluate an RPO company and onboard the right one. Here are some points to remember to find the right company:

  1. Review their website and background to conduct a thorough research
  2. To understand a company in finer detail, go through their reviews or watch out for references from your peers
  3. Discover more about their services and go for competitive benchmarking on important factors like integrity, compatibility, track record, development, performance, and industry experience
  4. Among all the RPO companies that match your expectations, select the options that suit your needs best
  5. Ensure that your potential company has multiple projects at hand and is backed by strong financials
  6. Find out whether the company is involved in local business development to learn about the company’s behavior
  7. Gain more insights into the company’s performance by evaluating its projects from multiple locations across the globe
  8. Learn more about the company’s candidate selection criteria and their strategies to select potential candidates
  9. Last but not least, analyze how they tie a candidate’s proficiency with the job description and requirements

Do not go for recruitment process outsourcing companies that offers low prices. Instead, reach out to them with genuine interest to ensure that you get what you want in the long run. These are a few effective ways to find the right recruiters for your company.

Crox RPO assures outstanding services that support your business growth plan. Get in touch and review our testimonials to learn more about us.

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