Offshore Recruiters

Are you operating in multiple time zones and looking for talented professionals who can provide support no matter the time? Are you burdened with hiring the right professional for your projects? Do not worry; our dedicated offshore recruiters got you covered.

Offshoring is when companies move their operations to another country to increase profits or expand their business. They need a team of skilled individuals to help them achieve their business goals.

Hiring a team at a different time zone is easier said than done for the in-house recruitment team. You can rely on an offshore recruitment agency, as they take over your tedious, leftover tasks. Offshore recruitment agencies do the heavy lifting in finding the right talent for your company while you work on other important activities. In your journey to hunt talent, we are an extension of your existing HR team, which keeps you from worrying. Back your company with great talent across different locations around the globe.


Offshore recruitment itself is a challenging task. It involves hefty costs, experience picking the right profiles, knowledge of legal norms across countries and specific branding activities. However, with seasoned experts by your side, you can do wonders. Joining hands with an experienced team of external recruiters delivers the right match for your projects faster.

On the other hand, your in-house teams know your culture and understand your industry fit and specific hiring needs. However, relying on your in-house team is convenient when the business is booming. What if you have to scale down after all the requirements are filled? Hiring more professionals quickly during a sudden spike is expensive and not always convenient. Besides, it doesn’t give you full control when it comes to offshoring.

An offshore outsourcing company allows you to bring in offshore recruitment specialists adept at understanding the compliance systems across countries. It keeps you from legal hassles. They leverage their strong networks, comprehensive online resources, and extensive databases to fulfill your demands without delay. Offshore recruiters make sure to follow compliant processes at every step of the staffing journey so that you can stay focused on your core business operations.


Reduced costs – Though there may not be a dramatic reduction, offshore outsourcing recruitment can significantly reduce your costs. Some experts claim outsourcing offers cheaper labor, less costly resources, greater efficiency, and better service offerings. It accounted for a reduction of about 15% in costs after outsourcing their offshore staffing needs

Access to industry experts – Financial and IT staff are also seen as specialized labour. They can be expensive, rare, and competitive to hire. Outsourcing the recruitment of such staff can help companies access niche skills at lower costs and with less competition. They have the requisite network and skills to provide the apt offshore staffing solutions while you focus on what’s best for your business

24/7 uptime – Today’s customer wants 24/7 service. They want things fixed faster, no matter the time. An offshoring staff can offer relief in such cases, keeping you active more conveniently during a crisis. They are specially trained to provide uptime to your business round-the-clock.

Better focus on core business functions – Apart from all the benefits listed above, offshoring frees your important resources to focus on what they are good at. It ultimately benefits your business. Free your team from tedious and monotonous work that does not directly contribute to your profits. The offshore staff will be behind you to take over those manual and repetitive tasks.


At CROX RPO, we take pride in being ready for every challenge that comes our way. We have a track record of working with the most reputable organizations globally. Over the years, we have consistently placed technical staff on offshore projects across countries.

Our renowned clients commend our efforts in delivering the best staffing solutions within tight deadlines. This positions us among the top offshore recruitment agencies across the globe. No matter the industry, you can rely on our offshore staffing solutions for your projects.

Our advisory services are backed by discipline, domain knowledge, and due diligence. With our recruitment specialists, people can greatly advance their careers in recruitment consulting and staffing. They understand the pains of relocating abroad; therefore, they ensure that the candidates get professional support across the globe in different time zones.

We conduct due diligence in reviewing the compliance standards and ensure no margin for errors in their mobilization.