• June 15, 2023

Virtual Admin Assistant is a great asset for businesses of any size. With the changing trends and working, the demand for virtual administrative assistants increases. With virtual administrative assistant services, you can delegate all the important tasks to a professional, skilled professional freeing up your time and resources to focus on your other areas of the business.

As we have discussed earlier, onboarding a Virtual assistant can bring multiple benefits. However, here are some short and crisp benefits of availing of Virtual Administrative Services.

  • You’ve been protected under professionally reviewed confidentiality agreements. 
  • You know your virtual assistant has been pre-vetted for quality and efficiency. 
  • You always have access to the client success team, available for 24*7 support and guidance. 
  • You will have access to the online portal with a variety of resources including training videos and documents and you can take advantage of the latest technology to ease your work burden. 

When you hire virtual assistants directly, the benefits are quite similar and limited. You have the benefit of being able to pick and choose what services your VA Services are and when they provide them, but this can also mean that some tasks through the hustle aren’t complete at all. CROX RPO provides the best Virtual administrative services in North America, plus all of the tools and resources we have crafted for your business.

Who Should Consider Hiring a Virtual assistant?

  • Business Owners: These are some working professionals who are busy with a lot of stuff when they visit the office. After all, you are busy running a business so you require a virtual admin assistant that can help with all the operational work such as responding to emails, scheduling appointments, data entry, researching, and more. 
  • Entrepreneurs: They often need help with setting up their businesses, and securing finding all their day-to-day operations. A virtual assistant can help with a number of tasks such as setting up websites, crafting marketing campaigns, researching potential vendors, and managing service inquiries. 
  • Executives at C-suite and VP levels: They can be highly befitted from hiring a virtual admin assistant. Executives at the top level are often occupied with managing teams and multiple projects, attending meetings, and all the traveling. A virtual administrative assistant can ease the load by taking care of all the hectic tasks such as scheduling travel, organizing meetings and events, and crafting reports. 

How to prepare to hire a Virtual Assistant?

Before you jump onto the hiring process, it is necessary to have a clear and crisp idea about the tasks you want to delegate. This can be really helpful to make a list of responsibilities and then prioritize them on the basis of which are time-consuming. 

Once you have determined what tasks need to be done on priority and which will take more time. To get an accurate picture of how much money will be involved in hiring a virtual admin assistant, consider these factors. 

  • The cost and packages are available for each service provider. 
  • How many hours per week or per month your VA will work on average? 

If you are delegating some tasks that require creativity and problem-solving skills, it can be really helpful to consider how much time it would take you to do the things on your own. If a task requires general data entry, then the cost of the same would be quite lower than the tasks that require creativity and time.

Identifying the Tasks to be delegated

  • Listing down all the tasks you want to be delegated
  • Prioritizing the tasks 
  • Decide whether you want to delegate the task on your own or you want a team member to do it for your own task and the better decisions you will make. 


Delegating a task is one of the key and important task skills that you can develop as a leader or at an executive level. The more effectively you delegate, the more time you will have to focus on your own work that requires your attention.

It is important to note that there are two types of delegation: task and project. For instance, if you need to delegate a task that will take an hour or less to complete and doesn’t require any special skills from the person who does it, then that’s a task. If you are delegating tasks that require something larger than that, such as writing a blog post for your website, then that’s more likely project-based delegation.

Understanding the costs associated with hiring a virtual assistant

The overall cost of hiring a virtual admin assistant varies to type the of work you want to delegate. If your business requires some specialized support like financial or technical assistance then you need to pay more in comparison to work such as data entry and other easy work.

CROX RPO makes it quite simple by providing you with a monthly subscription- all costs included. No hidden charges are waiting for you in the corner.

Hiring a virtual assistant from us provides more than just the virtual assistant. This includes 

  • Dedicated onboarding specialist
  • Ongoing client success support 
  • Virtual assistant vetting, training, and coaching
  • Confidentiality coverage
  • All project management tools access 

How to select the right Virtual Assistant?

Not every candidate selected by you can be the best option when it comes to virtual admin assistant services. Once you have shortlisted some profiles to evaluate, you need to narrow down all your choices. The first step is to determine whether you will take the interview by yourself or you can trust your onboarding specialist for the direct match.

We at CROX RPO understand your requirements and hiring the best resource according to them can be really difficult. That’s why we have a strategic approach in screening and finalizing the candidates to ensure that you get the candidate that meets all your requirements and needs.

Here are three steps that can help you in the long run in finalizing the right virtual assistant per your needs. 

  • Evaluating Candidates - Once you have the candidates, it is time to evaluate the same. You can finalize the candidates on the basis of the experience they have in a particular industry. Communication skills are yet another important parameter as they would be communicating with customers and colleagues on behalf of your company. And time management skills, since they would be occupied with a lot of work, you need to check whether they have time management skills or not. 

  • Setting Expectations: Setting expectations is an important step in any project. It’s very important to set clear goals and objectives, define the scope and establish timelines and milestones to be achieved right from the start. 

  • Establishing timeline- This is another one of the important steps in hiring a virtual admin assistant. You need to set a timeline for the priority tasks, deliverables, and meetings. Setting a realistic deadline will help you avoid getting caught up on things at the overall cost of any project. 

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Hiring a virtual admin assistant can be a great way to get more work done with the time constraints but it is very important to select the right company and the right person for the job. Ask about the company’s training and ongoing support and other major issues that might come across in your virtual assistant’s tenure. If you are looking for a reliable and trustable virtual partner then we at CROX RPO can be your dedicated partner having diversified industry experience and expertise.

FAQs Related to Virtual Admin Assistant

What does a virtual admin assistant do?
As a virtual admin assistant, you will be performing various administrative tasks including responding to all the important emails and scheduling meetings and events. For this role experience in communication is a must.

What is the difference between a virtual assistant and an administrative assistant?
There are no major differences between both roles. However, Virtual assistants can be for a particular niche as well. For instance, IT, Healthcare, and other major ones.

Is virtual admin assistant a good career?
With the increasing demand for remote work, virtual assistants are demanded more than ever before. They offer administrative services across the globe. All they require is a strong internet connection and communication skills. Becoming a virtual assistant allows you to enjoy flexibility and freedom to be based in a different location and you can make money right from home.

Is virtual admin assistant a hard job?
Being a virtual admin assistant is a hard job indeed since you would be occupied with various work. However, if you know time management and smart work then you can do this with ease.